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At the museum you will find a space dedicated to store with a variety of products offered. Thus, we have released objects aimed at all ages and all kinds of prices.

For the children, the shop incorporated shirts decorated with Romans, a kit to built mosaics, different models of tins, pencil cases, erasers and rulers, etc.

The general public will find new reproductions of pieces of the archaeological heritage, such as the tabula hospitalis or the medical instruments; but also completely contemporary pieces, inspired by historical motifs: from reusable cotton bags with the names of Badalona to scarfs by Pedro Rovira or those that reproduce the designs of the chulas that Ramon Casas created to announce the Anís del Mono. Different models of postcards have also been published with images, often spectacular, of elements of the heritage or characteristic aspects of the Badalona landscape.

You will also find all the publications published by the Museum about the history and heritage of the city.

If you want to give an special gift the Museum Shop will provide objects that identify the city, and also help to inspire you if you are looking for personal items and original with a touch of exclusivity, which often can not be found anywhere else .

Special discounts for Museum Friendship program.

Museum publications