What is an electronic bill?

E-invoicing is a functional equivalent of the paper bill and involves the transmission of invoices or similar documents between transmitter and receiver by electronic means (computer files) and telematic (from one computer to another), digitally signed certificates recognized.

The Museum of Badalona has admitted the procedure for electronic invoices (eFACT), through which  you can send your invoices electronically, 24 hours a day, any day of the year.


Electronic invoices have full legal validity and can dispense paper, with significant cost savings (printing, transport, storage …), contributing to a more sustainable world. Provide greater management efficiency, prevents errors by manual entry. Reduced processing time.

Moreover, you always know what is the status of your bills, if they have already been recorded and accepted, and you can better plan your cash.

How to send electronic invoices to the Museum of Badalona?

Electronic invoices managed by the Museum of Badalona be delivered by the system eFact the AOC (Open Administration of Catalonia).

The mail delivery of invoices in electronic format Museum of Badalona is this: https://efact.eacat.cat/bustia/

The DIR3 code of the Museum of Badalona for the presentation of electronic invoices are:

Management code: LA0000007. Management code: Museum of Badalona.

Processing code unit: LA0000007. Processing unit: Museum of Badalona.

Accounting office code: LA0000007. Accountancy office: Museum of Badalona.

Use of the electronic invoice in the public sector:

a) joint stock companies;
b) companies of limited liability;
c) legal entities and entities without legal personality that do not have Spanish nationality;
d) permanent establishments and branches of entities not resident in Spain under the terms established by the tax regulations;
e) temporary business unions;
f) grouping of economic interest, grouping of European economic interest, pension funds, venture capital funds, investment funds, asset use funds, mortgage market regularization funds, mortgage securitization funds or investment guarantee fund.

Technical requirements

Invoice Format

You can only accept invoices made ​​in accordance with the format specifications  Facturae 3.2, electronically signed by a digital certificate recognized. The specifications of this format can be found at www.facturae.es

Alternatives to make bills

Many business accounting programs already offer electronic invoicing modules (see your dealer).

Alternatively, you have several options, including:

• General point of electronic invoices of the public administrations of Catalonia. https://efact.aoc.cat

• Page that offers the possibility of making a limited number of invoices per year for free. https://www.b2brouter.net/es/ca/

• An online application and free, although very simple, but you can generate an electronic invoice format  Facturae , and you can find  www.hazteunafacturae.com.

• Using electronic invoicing accessories available for Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2010 and Excel 2010 can be downloaded for free from  http://factoffice.codeplex.com  or http://offinvoice.codeplex.com .

• Free software available  www.pimestic.cat.

• Free page that allows you to make invoices online. https://www.pimefactura.net