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We build as the romans with Kapla

We build as the romans with Kapla

Kapla is a pedagogical game inspired by traditional construction games, which tests both creativity and imagination, as well as the ability to concentrate of the student. Through the combination of these rectangular pieces of pine wood, and without any type of lace, they can be built from the simplest figures to large infrastructures.

In this workshop we propose to test your skills to discover the great contribution of Roman culture to the evolution of engineering and architecture, and recreate cooperatively aqueducts, bridges and walls.

Video: Escola López Torrejón. Badalona.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

Guided group visits

Reserve in advance.


1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you would like more information about this guided tour, such as the upcoming dates and prices, contact us and we will inform you.