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Roman baths and Decumanus

Roman baths and Decumanus

Space of about 3,400 m that allows to discover in situ the Roman city of Baetulo. The visit begins in the roman baths, from the first half of the 1st century BC, which retain the totality of the rooms that formed the complex: the palestra, the frigidarium, the tepidarium and the caldarium. The visit continues under the current place of Font i Cussó, an area that was around the Forum of the Roman city. You can see remnants of residential buildings with shops on the ground floor, following the direction of a smaller street, of which we have kept the sewer. Then, the trace of the broad decumanus maximus goes through the side of a large commercial building until it reaches the junction with the cardo maximus, point indicating the proximity of the forum. There are also remains of other buildings from late Roman times, such as a room, a mausoleum or a water tank.

The whole space has an scenic illumination and elements of historical reconstruction and effects that transport us to the old Baetulo and make us feel immersed in a roman city. The set also has tactile modules for the blind.


Childish and primary Education, secondary obligatory and postobligatòria, and general public.

Schedule of opening at the public

Of Tuesday at Saturday of 10 h. At 14 h. And of 17 h.

At 20 h.Sundays of 10 h. At 14 h


Visits guided at group and visits at group without guide with previous reservation.


2 hours.

If you want to get more information on this visit guided, and for example next dates and prices, contacts with us and will inform you.