Una manera de veure el món. Teresa Lleal Galceran, 1940-1988

Author:  Emili Muñoz Martínez

Museu de Badalona, 2021.

Presentation of the book A way of seeing the world. Teresa Lleal Galceran, 1940-1988, by Emili Muñoz. The work is the result of intense research that has allowed the author to make available to us the biography of a person as interesting and full of concerns as Teresa Lleal, who played an important role in areas such as pedagogical renewal or the teaching of Catalan in our city.

The book is, at the same time, a portrait of an era – from the beginning of the Franco regime to the first years of democracy – during which society underwent great changes. Teresa lived them in the first person, pushed some of them and, in many ways, was ahead of her time.

Her biography is also a sign of commitment to others and an honest and consistent life path to the end.

From 1981, Cortinas donated his photos to the Museum of Badalona, where they are preserved and can be consulted, and thus began the creation of the Museum’s Image Archive, which today has almost a million photographs.

In 1991, the City Council presented him with a reproduction of the Venus de Badalona in recognition of his cultural work and generosity, and the Museum published this book with a small collection of photographs of him. In 1998, the City Council gave its name to a square, where you can see a reproduction of some of his photographs.