The lost factory of the maritime front

Authors:  Margarida Abras, Montserrat Carreras and M. Dolors Nieto

Museu de Badalona, 2022.

Magnificent and accurate review of the history of the main factories of the Badalona seafront such as the Ribó, Domènech and Garriga cordage factories, the Unió Vidriera d’Espanya, the CAMPSA, the CACI, Lorilleux or G. de Andreis M.E., to name only some of them.

Besides the texts, which accompany the exhibition of the same name produced by the Badalona Museum, the publication also includes photographs of some of the most outstanding pieces that can be seen in the exhibition, such as objects, pictures, posters , plans and other documents that bear witness to the factories that were there, many forgotten, and the role they played in turning Badalona into a large production center.

Publication in catalan