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House of the Dolphins

House of the Dolphins

Domus or Roman patrician house from the end of the 1st century BC, located at the top of the ancient city of Baetulo. There are several rooms located in the surroundings of the atrium, other rooms related to the peristyle or garden and a work area for the production of wine. Highlights the mosaics, of a high quality, as well as the remains of original mural paintings.
The space includes two audiovisuals. The scenographic illumination, the setting with furniture and objects of historical reconstruction, and the incorporation of sounds transport us and make us feel immersed in the Roman era. It has tactile modules for the blind.


Childish and primary education, secondary obligatory and postobligatòria, and general public.

Schedule of opening at the public

Second Sunday of month of 10 at 14 h.

Visits guided at group

Previous reservation.


45 minutes.

If you want to get more information on this visit guided, and for example next dates and prices, contacts with us and will inform you.