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Let’s decorate a domus

Let’s decorate a domus

We will become musivarii for a while. The craft of making mosaics, so esteemed among the powerful Romans, consisted of embellishing the soils and walls of the rich houses creating magnificent decorations. We will know how they were made: we will see how marble was worked, how the mortar was prepared, and we will discover why in Baetulo the houses mainly had white and black tile mosaics. We will also learn how other types of pavements such as spicatum and sectile were and, in addition, we will build a mosaic.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

Guided group visits

Reserve in advance.


1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you would like more information about this guided tour, such as the upcoming dates and prices, contact us and we will inform you.