History of Mauthausen. The five years of deportation of the spanish republicans

Author: Josep Borràs

Introduction: Rosa Torán and Joan Villarroya i Font

Museum of Badalona, 2021


Adaptation and translation into Catalan of the book Histoire de Mauthausen. Les cinq années de déportation des républicains espagnols, written by Josep Borràs from Badalona, in which he recounts his experiences in the Mauthausen concentration camp, where 1,094 catalans lost their lives.

Josep Borràs (1917-1997) went into exile in France after the Civil War and at the beginning of World War II he was deported to the Mauthausen camp. His father, Pere Borràs Milà, was a well-known construction contractor. He was president of the Employers’ Union of Badalona and managing mayor of the city from 1934 to early 1936.