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Roman lettering

Roman lettering

In ancient times knowledge was transmitted orally. When they began to use writing, what did they use to write? Did you know that our alphabet is a legacy of the Romans? Romans didn’t use paper, pencil or eraser. So, how did the school supplies look like? Were their books like ours? Did they use colored inks? How did they sent a secret message?

We’ll answer these and other questions and working with different objects of historical reconstruction. We’ll practice, too, how to write capital letters and italics.

This activity can be combined with a visit to the terms and Decumanus of Baetulo.


Educació primària, secundària obligatòria i postobligatòria, i públic general.

Guided group visits

Reserve in advance.


1 hour and 30 minutes.

If you would like more information about this guided tour, such as the upcoming dates and prices, contact us and we will inform you.