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The seafront and the petroleum bridge

The seafront and the petroleum bridge

This itinerary along the Passeig Marítim, from the Canyadó stream to the petroleum bridge, a privileged viewpoint on the Badalona coast, will allow us to get to know the urban planning occupation of the coastal strip of Badalona, as a result, mainly, of the industrial phenomenon. We will see where the factories were and where the traditional fishing activity was maintained, which had previously been of great relevance to the city. We can also observe the most important historical and artistic spaces and buildings, such as the Matamala house, the monument to Roca i Pi, Ca l’Escanyaralets and the Cor de Marina.


Obligatory secondary Education and general public.

Visits guided at group

Obligatory. Previous reservation.


2 hours.


It Is necessary to take footwear adapted to walk, since it is a visit at which resort near 3 kilometres.


If you want to get more information on this visit guided, and for example next dates and prices, contacts with us and will inform you.