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Guided tours

The Museum offers a wide fan of visits and itineraries to announce the archaeologic and historic heritage of the city of Badalona, since the Iberian village of the Hill of at Boscà, situated out of the urban centre, until the most emblematic edifices of the modernism and the industrialisation, passing for the wreckage of the ancient city of Baetulo, rooms that permit us revive daily aspects of the Roman epoch. Some rooms can visit loosely, and at other cases the museum organises visits at group of periodic form.

Since it does some years, the Museum poses also at the service of the groups the possibility to experiment at first hand the Roman culture with the didactic workshops that permit at the pupils deepen at the ken of our common past.

To obtain information on the didactic activities and the available materials or resolve any doubt on the content of the visits, can contact with: