The burning of Badalona’s Dimoni

Author: Joan Mayné

Museu de Badalona. 2015

The book explains the story of the Dimoni, the central axis of the Badalona’s Major Fest, and its burning, a ritual that lives every year on the night of May 10th, thousands of people on the Night of Saint Anastasi. The cremada is one of the traditions more importants in Badalona, thanks to this book, now we have all kinds of documented historical notes, as well as curiosities and anecdotes, some sketches of demons and an interesting collection of photographs part of them unpublished until now.

La cremada del Dimoni de Badalona also  refers to the people who made this holiday come true. It is in this section that reminds us of the work done by the members of the festive commissions, especially the dimoniaires, whose biographies are collected for the first time.