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Anís del Mono

Anís del Mono

The visit to this factory, founded by the brothers Josep and Vicenç Bosch in 1870, allows us to know the production process that has been followed to obtain the Anís del Mono for over 150 years, and that has turned the brand into one of the most popular and appreciated in the world. Highlights, by their patrimonial value, the distillation room, the archive and the office of the management, of modernist style. We will know the advertising campaigns promoted by Vicenç Bosch, such as the posters made by Ramon Casas, and we will discover the secrets of the characteristic bottle of anise and its famous label.
There are different options to join this visit, both individually and in groups, we recommend that you read the explanations that you will find in the following link for further information:


superior Cycle of primary education, obligatory secondary education, formative cycles and general public

Visits guided at group

Obligatory. Previous reservation.


1 hour 30 minutes.


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