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Garden of Quintus Licinius

Garden of Quintus Licinius

This is a garden’s swimming pool belonging to a Baetulian home dating from the late 1st century AD, which possibly belonged to a powerful patrician family. This family signed a hospitality agreement with the people from Baetulo in the year 98 AD which has been preserved at the Tabula Hospitalis.

You will enjoy the experience of walking through a Roman garden thanks to the spectacular light and sound effects and virtual reality film projections that have been incorporated to the visit. Tactile displays for visitors with visual impairments are also available.


Primary and secondary education, compulsory and post-compulsory secondary education, and general public.

Opening times

Further information: 933 841 750

Visites guiades en grup

Reserva prèvia.

Guided visits

Advance booking required

Duration: 30 minutes


If you want to receive more information about this guided tour, such as upcoming dates and prices, contact us and we will inform you.