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The Historical Archive of the Town of Badalona (AHBDN) was created by the local government in 1979 and is responsible for the maintenance, preservation and accessibility of all the historically valuable documental material generated in the town of Badalona. Since its creation, it has been administered by the Museum of Badalona, where it is located.

It lists all the documentation generated by local official institutions from the seventeenth century until 1945; these include business, institutional and societal records and collections, and private professional or family archives. It also holds a most comprehensive collection of local periodicals.

The AHBDN also provides resources for the divulgation of research projects through the Museum’s publications, either within the Carrer dels Arbres yearbook or through a number of collections of specialized works.

Patrimonial documentary collection

Institutions documentary collection


Documentary collection of the Central Administration of the State

Oral documentary collection

Documentary collection of associations

Personal and professional documentary collection

Legal documentary collection

Enterprises documentary collection