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Images archive

Images archive

The Visual Archives contain the catalogued photographic and video material of the town of Badalona. It contains a collection of photographic documents coming from professionals and amateurs, companies and associations as well as family or private legacies in addition to those gathered by the Museum itself, which are always related to Badalona either by authorship or subject. This collection of visuals has been donated, authorized for copy or acquired by the Museum’s Archives through legal deposit from their owners.

It holds approximately 1,000,000 photographs, from the nineteenth century up to present day, which the Museum subsequently documents, processes for appropriate storage to ensure preservation, and makes accessible for consultation and copy.

The most remarkable contents include collections from photographers

Josep Cortinas, Jaume Fornaguera, Josep Marco, Agustí Muñoz and Genís Vera; private photographs from the Josep M. Cuyàs Archives, Núria Argerich, Enric Borràs and Rosario Viñas, and visual material coming from institutions and societies such as Badalona’s local Council, Cepsa Piher, “Indústria del Tejido Cuyàs”, “Industrial Montalfita”, “Revista de Badalona/El Punt” (Badalona’s local magazine/ El Punt), and “ Talleres Blanch”.

The archive’s material is currently being digitized and electronically documented so as to facilitate online access.

Since January of 2016, the Museum publishes periodically in FLICKR, galleries of historical images from Badalona. The photos that make up these albums come from the Archive of Images of the Museum of Badalona and it’s just a small sample of the important photographic heritage preserved in the museum.

Josep Cortinas. Enjoying photography

The first book fairs of the eighties. Saint Geotge’s day

The excavations of the Quintus Licinius Garden and the area of Laietània street in Badalona

Photographs of Josep Marco Gil

Photographs of the El Tot Badalona collection

Badalona through the camera of Domènec Estradé Gri

60 years of the worst floods

Funfair during the Festa Major

Surprises in the negatives: the construction of the Camp Nou

The May Holidays Beyond the Dimoni

Excavations at the House of the Dolphins in 1927

Women in fishing, in the world of the sea

Cycling and tennis in Badalona

Hugs on the beach of Badalona. Photographic report by Josep Cortinas

Slides from the Badalona City Council collection: works and urban changes in the eighties

Old pictures. The collection of the Abans Badalona (1888-1965)

Life of the bourgeoisie in the early twentieth century. The collection of M. Rosario Viñas i Ortiz

Badalona. A city that has changed

St. John’s Eve in the Archive of Josep M. Cuyàs

May 11th, Sant Anastasi

The Bufalà district

International Women’s Day

Centenary of the Orfeó Badaloní

Photographic Section of the Badalona Museum. Photographic readings from fifty years ago

Memories of the snowstorm of Christmas 1962

Recovered photographs of the Archive of Josep M. Cuyàs

The estate of Ca l’Arnús

The photographer Josep Cortinas Suñol

The feast of the Virgin of Carme

Corpus Christi Day

The night of May 10th, the Cremada del Dimoni

The coastline of Badalona in the eighties

TITUS. From the first baths to the ballroom

Dalt de la Vila almost fifty years ago

The February 1948’s storm

Stormy weather

Photographs by Enric Giralt Paulí

Pictures by Francesc Domingo Lladó

The Gymnastic and Sportive Union

Pictures of Agustí Muñoz Tallada. Glass plate negatives

Photographs of Joaquim Font i Cussó’s collection

Stereoscopic photographs from Can Mora

The municipal elections of 1979

The factory A. Farrés and Cía., The Crystal

The passada of Sant Antoni and Josep Cortinas

Eighty years of january 27th, 1939

Old Christmas and King Fests

Canyet at the beginning of the 20th century

The Zorrilla Theater, 150 years of history

The first teams of the CJB

The beginning of the school season

The dismantling of Roca i Pi

The sea baths of La Donzella de la Costa

Spaces that have changed over the years. Photographs and slides of Josep Cortinas

Old stores of Badalona

The photographic collection of Josep Cortinas. The Palm Sunday

Women working in Can Cuyàs

The envelats of Badalona

Under construction. Badalona 50 years ago and its unique buildings

Vera’s image collection, a well of treasures

The Three Wise Kings are coming!

New donations to the archive of images, testimonies that are preserved

Montalegre. Photographies by Josep Cortinas

The Carthusian monastery of Montalegre. Images before the war

Badalona 1897-2017. One hundred and twenty years of city

The 1992 Olympic Games and Badalona

Old photographs at Dalt de la Vila


The Festivities of May thirty-five years ago

Industrial Montalfita SA

Things that are no longer there. Major changes in Badalona

Carnival 1983

Josep Cortinas, portraitist, and the carnival

The Passada of Sant Antoni Abat

Factories and industries in Badalona

The construction of the Olympic Palace and the adequacy of the Turó d’en Caritg

The pictures of Ramon Prat

Sant Jeroni de la Murtra and Joaquim Font i Cussó

Buliding the first motorway of Spain

It’s hot, let’s go to the beach!

Corpus Christi in Llefia

Good Friday procession of 1954

Keystones of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra

Disappeared farmhouses

50 years since the inauguration of the museum

Vacationers in Sant Jeroni de la Murtra