Images archive

Images archive

The Visual Archives contain the catalogued photographic and video material of the town of Badalona. It contains a collection of photographic documents coming from professionals and amateurs, companies and associations as well as family or private legacies in addition to those gathered by the Museum itself, which are always related to Badalona either by authorship or subject. This collection of visuals has been donated, authorized for copy or acquired by the Museum’s Archives through legal deposit from their owners.

It holds approximately 1,000,000 photographs, from the nineteenth century up to present day, which the Museum subsequently documents, processes for appropriate storage to ensure preservation, and makes accessible for consultation and copy.

The most remarkable contents include collections from photographers

Josep Cortinas, Jaume Fornaguera, Josep Marco, Agustí Muñoz and Genís Vera; private photographs from the Josep M. Cuyàs Archives, Núria Argerich, Enric Borràs and Rosario Viñas, and visual material coming from institutions and societies such as Badalona’s local Council, Cepsa Piher, “Indústria del Tejido Cuyàs”, “Industrial Montalfita”, “Revista de Badalona/El Punt” (Badalona’s local magazine/ El Punt), and “ Talleres Blanch”.

The archive’s material is currently being digitized and electronically documented so as to facilitate online access.