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Dalt de la Vila

Dalt de la Vila

The ongoing neighbourhood of Dalt de la Vila is a reflex of the genesis of the same city of Badalona, no as only because it keeps the ancient Roman city of Baetulo, but also because its streets are an eyewitness lives of the evolution of Badalona until the 18th century, moment at what creates the area called baix a mar.

We Will stroll for the streets and will discover the elements and buildings that explain the evolution of Badalona: the Torre Vella, Santa Maria’s church, the vicarage, the Gothic window of the street of de Dalt, the impasses of modern epoch, the first city council or the farms that testimonienthe rural past of the city.


General public.

Visits guided at group

Previous reservation.


1 hour 30 minutes.


If you want to get more information on this visit guided, and for example next dates and prices, contacts with us and will inform you.