Rules for participation on social networks and on the Badalona Museum website

The profiles of the Museum of Badalon on social media have been created in order to inform about the institution and publish its functions and activities related to history, archeology and heritage, which may be of interest for the general public. They also have the function of opening a direct channel of communication with the public through which opinions, requests, doubts and suggestions can be sent.

Participation in the social networks of the Museum of Badalona is open to all people as long as they follow the following rules of use and participation:

• Publications may not contain messages that undermine the dignity of individuals and, in particular, that may harm the physical, mental or moral development of minors, or that promote hatred, contempt or discrimination on the grounds of birth, race, sex, ideology, political affiliation, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, opinion, or any other circumstance.

• Comments that may affect the reputation of the Museum of Badalona or other municipal entities will not be accepted.

• Users may not use the Museum’s social media to advertise companies, brands, or private events. Publications that violate copyright and intellectual property law will also not be accepted.

• It is recommended that you take care of your personal information when posting it on the web to preserve your identity. Please note that the personal data of the participants (email or e-mail address, telephone number, etc.) may be consulted by anyone from the moment they are published on the page.

• Users must also comply with and respect the particular participation rules of each of the social networks.

The Museu of Badalona reserves the right to delete any message that does not follow these rules or to block a user’s access and activity to the Museum’s social networks if he or she recurs this type of behavior.

The Museum is not responsible for non-compliance with these rules by users or the consequences of such non-compliance and is only responsible for the content it broadcasts through its channels.

On the other hand, the information transmitted through these channels may be subject to modifications and changes, which is why it must be borne in mind that the answers given are valid only in a certain time context and that all the information provided when interacting with people does not have the rank of officer, according to the existing legal system.