Dr. Bassols. A life dedicated to la Salut

Author: M. Antònia Bassols Farrés

Review and adaptation: Núria Sadurní i Puigbò

Museum of Badalona, 2019

Biography of Dr. Ramon Bassols i Genís (1919-1959), the well-known doctor Bassols who gives name to one of the main avenues that cross the district of Llefià, in Badalona. The Museum edits this work, based on the search for its eldest daughter, M. Antònia Bassols, on the family memories and on the testimony of several people who knew him, on the occasion of the centenary of his birth and of the 60 years of his disappearance.

Bassols, a great hiking lover and closely linked to the Vall de Núria, played a leading role in the foundation of the Spiritual League of the Virgin of Núria, the basis of the association called Amics de Núria, of which he would be President since its foundation, in the summer of 1957, until his premature death in 1959.