The Museum incorporates new resources to make the Roman Baetulo more inclusive

From next weekend, visitors from the deaf community and people with visual impairments will have the support of forty videos, resources to make one of the most important Roman sites in Catalonia more accessible.

The Museum of Badalona, in order to adapt the museography to the public with functional diversity, has since the inauguration of its remodeling, in December 2010, reproductions of reliefs and objects of daily life from the Roman era accompanied by signage in a system braille. Now, however, thanks to the The Tactile Look program of the Office of Cultural Heritage of the Diputació de Barcelona, the Museum incorporates new digital resources for interpretive reading that will allow the Roman Baetulo to overcome some communication barriers and become more accessible for people with sensory disability.

These audiovisual pills cover the entire itinerary of the Termes-Decumanus space with the help of a Catalan sign language interpreter who explains all the content that makes up the tour. These films are subtitled and include speech so that they are a great support for deaf people who sign and speak and, at the same time, for all those people with visual impairment.

On the other hand, the action also incorporates the audio description of the audiovisuals of the permanent exhibition, the House of the Dolphins and the House of the Ivy. With this intervention we want to bring their story closer to people who are blind or with residual vision, while familiarizing them with the culture of our Roman ancestors.

The Museum of Badalona, therefore, thanks to the inclusion in this program, started in 2007 by the OPC of the DIBA, expands its resources with the aim of being a cultural space of reference for everyone, sensitive to the inequalities and the communication difficulties of various often underrepresented groups, and at the same time it is a new tool to bring the Museum’s Roman heritage closer to all audiences.

This resource can be accessed through the QR code installed at the Museum’s reception, from La Mirada Tàctil’s YouTube channel but also from our website.

For further information:
Museum of Badalona

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