The trunk of the magician Li-Chang at the exhibition “Altres Brosses. Joan Brossa i la poesia d’acció, el parateatre”

From March 15th to July 16th, you can visit the exhibition Altres Brosses. Joan Brossa i la poesia d’acció, el parateatre at the Joan Brossa Foundation in Barcelona, curated by Joan Maria Minguet, in which the Museu de Badalona collaborates by ceding a unique piece from its collection. This is a trunk that the famous magician from Badalona Joan Forns i Jordana (Badalona April 9, 1916 – Barcelona January 12, 1998), Li-Chang, used for his acclaimed escapism numbers. He called it baüla and it entered the Museum’s collections as a donation from his children, Joan Maria and Montserrat Forns, in 2007.


Museu de Badalona, Inv. 9691

The exhibition is the result of research that takes the form of an exhibition installation to explain Joan Brossa’s intense dedication to what he called paratheatre, a scenic discipline which, as the curator of the exhibition states, the same Brossa cultivated and that, instead of focusing on the literary tradition of the theater, has since time immemorial sought contact with the spectator through fascination, surprise or occurrence in everything that happens on a stage (or in a circus ring, or in a street or a square) that has nothing to do with the plot or the narrative.

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