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57 years of the Cardenal Albareda square

On a day like today 57 years ago, the Plenary of the Badalona City Council approved to give the name of Cardinal Albareda to a square in the Congress neighborhood. It is an area where there are several public spaces that bear names related to religion and the Catholic Church, in recognition of the entity […]

Gallery: TITUS. From the first baths to the ballroom

This gallery is a proposal to go back in time and remember an establishment where our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents were entertained. In 1880 Francesc Fonollà (aka) Titus installed simple wooden huts on the beach where people could swim in small saltwater pools or in the sea, grabbing ropes that were installed there. It has […]

Who is the mayor of Ca l’Umbert?

The preparation of the exhibition Portraits, which the Museum will inaugurate as soon as it can restart its public activity, has caused us to review the information available from some of the paintings we have incorporated in the exhibit. One is the portrait of the mayor of Ca l’Umbert. It is an oil painting portraying […]

In memory of Jordi Monés i Pujol-Busquets

It has left us Jordi Monés i Pujol-Busquets (Badalona 1928-2020), a recognized historian of education, who just a few days ago had been distinguished with the Creu del Sant Jordi “for his contribution to the knowledge of the history of education in Catalonia and for the defense of the Catalan school. ” Initially trained in […]

The first tram in Badalona

In March 1887, so 133 years ago, the first tram linking Badalona to Barcelona came into operation. It was the result of a long history that had, among other works, involved the construction of bridges over Bogatell and Besòs, completed in 1883 and 1885, respectively. The tram used animal traction between Barcelona and Sant Martí […]

The first pandemic in history: the Antonine plague

Did you know that the first pandemic in history happened in Roman times? The coronavirus pandemic is testing a big part of our globalized world. But this is one of the different epidemics and pandemics that has recorded the history of mankind, which has suffered several times of health crisis, which were settled with more […]

200 years of the birth of Evarist Arnús

On March 21st of 2020, we commeorate 200 years of the birth of Evarist Arnús Ferrer (Barcelona 1820-1890). Financier, in 1846 he established himself as a stock exchange and exchange broker, and in 1852 opened his banking house, one of the most important in Catalonia during the 1860’s. His relationship with Badalona goes back to […]

All activities and guided tours postponed

The exceptional circumstances we are experiencing in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, and in accordance with the measures set by the authorities to prevent its spread, the Museum have postponed all activities scheduled for now, until Sunday, April 5th . This also affects guided visits to the Anis del Mono factory which are postponed […]

Dalt de la Vila almost fifty years ago

Not yet fifty years ago, the oldest district of Badalona, Dalt de la Vila, formed by streets that seem to never change and where it seems that nothing ever happened, was not – in any case – as it is now. In forty-five years, everything has changed a lot. The photographer Jaume Sacasas made in […]