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Lacquer disk with a siren bombing alarm


Lacquer disk with a siren bombing alarm


GELATINE-TON-FOLIE HELIOS — Nur zum eigenen Gebrauch – Gewerbi. Verwendung

Lacquer disk. On the central part is affixed a label with the name of the manufacturing company and the material (gelatin sheet).

One side is engraved in Catalan and the other in Spanish. On the label, is written, typed, the language of the recording and that the disk contain the siren bombing alarm.

During the Civil War Badalona suffered sixteen bombings, as a result of which 154 people died and 545 were wounded.

In order to inform and protect the citizens, a series of provisions were issued to be complied with in the event of a bombing. One was the amplified alarm signal to warn him of an imminent danger situation.

The Museum entered some time ago, this lacquer disc with the recording in Catalan and Spanish of the alarm alert for bombing, followed by the sound of a siren. Despite the poor state of conservation of the lacquer, thanks to the intervention of the engineer Enric Giné, from the Tasso sound laboratory, it has been possible to recover the engraving. The duration of the sound is almost two minutes.

The record was kept by a family who lived near the church of Sant Josep where this amplified record was broadcast with a speaker.


Hear the notice and the siren bombing alarm. Catalan

Hear the notice and the siren bombing alarm. Castilian



Material: Lacquer disk Dimensions: 25 cm diameter Ref.: 18000

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