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Panoramic of Badalona


Panoramic of Badalona


de Josep Santilari (Badalona 1959) i Pere Santilari (Badalona 1959)

Panoramic view of Badalona from the Montgat hill. In the center, you can see the buildings of the Ribó industrial estate and the Sant Jordi flats. Further back, the silhouette of the church of Sant Josep stands out. At the bottom of the paint you can see the bell tower of Santa Maria and, in the distance, the towers of the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. On the left, we see the sea, with the oil bridge and, further on, the FECSA chimneys and the towers of the Olympic Port of Barcelona. In the lower right corner, the freeway is observed.

Material: Oil on canvas Dimensions: 105 x 222 cm Ref.: MB inv. 7105

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