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Mosaic amb decoració de la Flor de la Vida


Mosaic amb decoració de la Flor de la Vida

  • Iberian era
  • Roman era
  • Medieval era
  • Modern era
  • XIX century
  • XX century
  • XXI century
  • Mosaic amb decoració de la Flor de la Vida

    1st century BC

    Mosaic made of black marble tiles and schists with a background of white Carrara marble tiles. The motif, quite popular in antiquity, is associated with a solar symbol. It is a repetition of a circle divided into six parts or petals, which converge in the center and on the outside form hexagons. A braided border and a second frame with wolf teeth surrounds and frame the ensemble.

    It was part of the decoration of a room in one of the houses excavated on the side road of the C-31 in 2017, and dates from the 1st century BC. In a renovation from the time of Augustus, in order to insert this mosaic, coming from a workshop, they cut part of the mortar pavement in the room (opus signinum). This pavement had a superimposed flower decoration, made with inlays of black tiles, so that the two decorations were combined. At this time, they added also a private baths.

    Material: Limestone Dimensions: 164 x 167 cm Ref.: MB 18610

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