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Gladiator-shaped oil lamp


Gladiator-shaped oil lamp


Gladiator-shaped oil lamp, of the type called reciarius (retiarius). He wore a short tunic and, as weapons, a trident and a net, which in this case are not preserved and which could have been made of metal.

It is a type of form hitherto unknown in the general bibliography, and is unique in the Iberian Peninsula and nearby provinces such as Gaul and Italy, as only one parallel has been located, but not the same. form, originating from Volubilis, in present-day Morocco.

The aesthetics of the hairstyle and the eyes are close to the late imperial sculpture (3rd-4th centuries AD). It was made from a mold, the details were finished by hand before baking. It must have been new or a very precious commodity to his owners, as there are no traces of it being lit.



Material: Pottery Dimensions: 6 x 5 cm Ref.: MB 18252

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