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Deville enamelled iron stove


Deville enamelled iron stove

Prior to 1940

Cast iron and enamelled stove in the shape of a vertical prism, maroon in color. With an upper opening, it has a central body where the fuel is placed and a double draft on the sides that radiated heat. At the bottom, there is a door to clean the waste and two valves to adjust the combustion.

It is a stove of the brand Deville, model Asten. Deville is a French metallurgical company founded in 1846, dedicated to heating products and stoves, still running.

This is a model from before 1940, which arrived into the Museum’s collections by a donation from Francisco Puértolas Brouhon. It came from the restaurant located on the corner of Arnús and La Soledat streets, popularly known as La Pansa.

Material: Enameled cast iron Dimensions: 196 x 49 x 33 cm Ref.: MB inv. 18072

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