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By Jaume Steiger i Ferret

We can see the Rambla of Badalona hit by a storm of rain and wind. We can see, also, the soft ground, the wind-blown palm trees, a streetlight and two benches. In the background is the sandy area with boats and some windbreaker bathers’ huts. The chromatic range of  blue color predominates.

This paint became part of the collection of the Museum because it won the first prize in the category of local artists in the exhibition of Fine Arts in 1948. At that time the current Museum did not yet exist – the first stone was laid in 1955- but the Fine Arts Group, in collaboration with the City Council, organized annual painting exhibitions in order to create a collection for a hypothetical future museum.

The author of the paint was a member of the Fine Arts Group and a renowned painter. Also known as Jacques Steiger, he was born in Caudéran (France) in 1920 and died in Badalona, ​​where he resided, in 1988. Self-taught, he cultivated mainly the genre of landscape and was also the author of posters for cinema, although it has not been possible to locate any that can be attributed to him.

Material: Aquarel·la sobre paper Dimensions: 44,5 x 65 cm Ref.: MB inv. 383

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