Exhibition title: EVARIST ARNÚS I BADALONA (1820-1890)
Exhibition time: from October 8th to November 29th 2020
Place: Museu de Badalona

On the occasion of the bicentenary of the birth of Evarist Arnús i Ferrer (Barcelona 1820-1890), the Museum dedicates an exhibition and a serie of activities to him, since he is a key figure in the history of our country and the our city.

His relationship with Badalona began in a very prosaic way: he bought a large estate there – the current Parc de Ca l’Arnús – as a form of investment and to give the image of solvency that required his dedication to the world of the stock market and finance. He used the property for leisure, and soon became involved in some civic affairs to the point of becoming a true benefactor of the village.

The exhibition, which presents pieces from both the Museum’s collections and borrowed from other institutions, brings us closer to his biography, reviews the history of his Badalona estate, explains his philanthropic work in our city, and recalls the gratitude of Badalona in recognition for its generosity.

Exhibition credits

PRODUCTION: Museu de Badalona

DIRECTION: Margarida Abras



LAYOUT: Lluís Andú

ASSEMBLY: Jamal Bissane, Francisco Ruiz

COMUNICATION: Esther Espejo i Núria Sadurní

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Antònia Díaz i Patrícia López

ASSIGNMENT OF PIECES: Museu Frederic Marès-Barcelona


Arxiu Històric COAC

Anna Hernández Tudela

M. Mar Arnús de Urruela

Yolanda Blasco Martel

Marçal Font Espí

Montserrat Guardiet Bergé