Exhibition time: from December 10th of 2020 to January 31st of 2021

Place: Museu de Badalona

The Museum presents an exhibition dedicated to the great painter Ramon Casas i Carbó (1866-1932), which brings together about twenty pieces donated by different museums and private collectors from different locations. That is why we have given him the title of Ramon Casas visits Badalona. Quite a luxury.

The exhibition is held just at the end of the year commemorating the 150th anniversary of Anís del Mono, the brand that forever links the name of Ramon Casas with our city, as he was the winner of the competition posters to advertise this product, organized by Vicenç Bosch, the owner of the factory of Anís del Mono, in the years 1897-1898.

In addition to presenting three period posters -among which the one of the Anís del Mono could not be missing-, that emphasize the great talent of the artist for the publicity, the exhibition will allow to see a set of original works – drawings and oil paintings – that have in common the representation of the human figure, and especially the female. In this sense, the genre of portraiture stands out, in which Ramon Casas excelled, as the exhibition brings together portraits of different characters, including those of some relatives and that of the artist himself. Also in this area, it will be possible to discover some relations with our city, in some cases little known.

On the other hand, the works on display will allow us to see the stylistic evolution of Ramon Casas, as they cover a very wide period of his production: from his youth, in 1883, to 1929, few years before his death.

Conceived as a tribute to this great artist who was Ramon Casas, the exhibition is a unique opportunity to contemplate, together, a series of works from different origins, which can hardly be seen together again.

We invite you, therefore, to visit it and enjoy this unique and unrepeatable opportunity to discover a different Casas, far removed in many ways from the works that have made it more popular, but an undeniable testament to modernity and the genius of this master of modernism.


PRODUCTION: Museu de Badalona

DIRECTION: Margarida Abras



LAYOUT: Lluís Andú

ASSEMBLY: Jamal Bissane and Francisco Ruiz

COMUNICATION: Esther Espejo and Núria Sadurní

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Antònia Díaz and Patrícia López

ASSIGNMENT OF PIECES: Col·lecció Adrià Codina, Col·lecció El Conventet, Barcelona, Col·lecció Família Codina, Colecció Art Hispania, Barcelona, Gothsland, Galeria d’Art, Barcelona, Círculo del Liceo, Marc Martí Col·lecció, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, Barcelona



ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: Mònica Baró, Adrià Codina, Josep Codina, Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, José Garcia Reyes, Carmen Godia, Francisco Gaudier, Nàdia Hernández, Gerard Martí, Marc Martí, Gabriel Pinós, Antonio Ramos, Manuel Riera, José M. Sales, Jordi Sánchez, Pepe Serra, Eduard Valles, Adrià Codina, Marc Martí, Gerard Martí, Josep Serra, Mònica Baró, Ferran Almeida, Catalina Acevedo