Restoration of the Saint Sebastian altarpiece (inv. MB 18975)

The conservator-restorer specialized in painting, Rosa Marina Ruiz, has carried out the restoration of the altarpiece of Saint Sebastian from the old monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra, acquired by the Museum of Badalona in October 2021. It has been a careful and painstaking work that has lasted for two months of intense occupation.

The line of work has consisted, first of all, of an exhaustive study of the work and analysis to learn about the technique and the materials used by the artist. Afterwards, the surface was cleaned and the layers of pictorial and gilded preparation were fixed, as well as some gaps were reintegrated. The reverse side of the piece has also been cleaned and the wood has been disinfected.

This action, the details of which will be published in an article in the magazine Carrer dels Arbres, published by the Museum, consolidates and ensures the conservation of the piece in the best conditions for future years.

We hope to be able to show it again soon and that we can all enjoy it.


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