The cycle of talks dedicated to “The lost factories of the maritime front” continues

Next week we will restart the cycle of conferences that we have organized around the exhibition The lost factories of the maritime front and that we started on June 2nd with the talk The labor movement before the Civil War, which was offered by Dr. Joan Villarroya and Font.

On Thursday, September 8th, at 7 p.m., we will have the visit of Pier Berglund, agronomist engineer, founder of the company DAC ENVIRO SL who will tell us about The process of decontamination of the maritime front of Badalona.

During the rest of the month and while the exhibition lasts -it ends on Sunday 25th September-, other lectures have been scheduled around industrialization in Badalona and its effects, to which we invite you to join us:

Tuesday September 13th, 7 pm
Poetry recital: La punxada del passat
By Marcel Riera

Thursday September 15th, 7 pm
Lecture: The transformation of the western strip of the maritime front and the projects of the 3 chimneys
By Xavier Salvà i Rafael Argelich, architects

Thursday September 22nd, 7 pm
Lecture: The Industry and the train on the maritime front of Badalona

By Xavier Nubiola, engineer

All activities will take place in the Museum’s auditorium and are free to access until capacity is reached.




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