The façade of the Museum becomes a showcase of Roman heritage

From tomorrow, July 20th, the façade of the Museum will be transformed into a privileged window through which, periodically, the most emblematic pieces of the Roman Baetulo will show up. The initiative responds to a new communication strategy in the form of large banners with which it wants to achieve a greater advertising impact with the environment.

The Badalona Museum preserves more than 6,200 registered pieces from the Roman era, of which 800 can be seen in the permanent exhibition Baetulo Ciutat romana. The project we are now presenting will allow some of the most representative objects of this classic legacy to see the light of day and be known to the citizens who pass by the Museum on a daily basis. In this way, the façade of the building becomes a promotional showcase that will arouse the interest of pedestrians and invite them to discover the treasures that the Museum preserves in its subsoil and that represent the historical and patrimonial legacy of one of the most important Roman cities in Catalonia.


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