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Cinema projector


Cinema projector

First half of the 20th century

OSSA film projector, which comes from the Teatre Principal of Badalona (c / Francesc Layret, 41), former Cinema Principal (1942-1980). The machine consists of a foot holding the motor, the lamp, the projection lenses, two coils for the films and the viewer. The company OSSA (Orpheo Sincronic Sociedad Anónima), was founded by the industrialist of Barcelona Joan Giró and was active between 1928 and 1982, initially dedicated to the manufacture of machinery and later in the manufacturing of motorcycles. Since 1960 was located in Zona Franca de Barcelona. Its logo was a four-leaf clover.

Material: Metals, glass and other materials Dimensions: 194 x 170 x 60 cm Ref.: MB inv. 7636

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