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Printers tray cabinet


Printers tray cabinet

20th century

This printers tray cabinet comes from the Impremta Casal that was situated in Providence street in Badalona. It is made of wood and has twenty-four drawers, inside of which there are classified various types or printed letters. Top, tilted, has a lid that can be raised by maintaining a folding support. The piece was produced by casting typographical Neufville, a renowned German graphic arts industry that was established in the Gracia district of Barcelona, in 1885. It was very important during the first half of the twentieth century due, among other to its typeface Futura, designed by Paul Renner in 1924. in 1930, most printers, both European and American, had adopted as the default typeface Futura, and became, well, the type more selling in history.

Material: wood and lead Dimensions: 130 x 92 x 63 cm Ref.: MB inv. 7770

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