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Commemorative medal


Commemorative medal


De Vallmitjana-Barcelona


Medal created especially to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the inauguration of the Museum. Two editions were made, one in silver and the other in copper tones.

The image of the Venus of Badalona is centered in relief on the obverse. On either side of this figure, on the left, the dates 1966-1976 and, on the right, the coat of arms of Badalona. The title of the medal X Aniversario Museo Municipal, at the top and, at the bottom, Badalona.

It is interesting to note that, at that time, Venus, the protagonist of the medal, was not in the Museum of Badalona, ​​but in what is now the Museum of Archeology of Catalonia, and would not return to Badalona until 1980. All and so it played an important role in the Museum, as a copy of it was exhibited.

On the reverse of the medal, also in relief, is the building of the Museum of Badalona and below, the logo of the Museum: a dolphin crossed by a trident.

The name of the author, Vallmitjana, is engraved on the edge. Vallmitjana was a goldsmith’s workshop located in Carrer d’Astúries, in the Gràcia district of Barcelona, ​​opened by Frederic Vallmitjana, father of the well-known playwright and also goldsmith Juli Vallmitjana Colomines (1873-1937), which was in operation until in 2015.

This medal was donated to the Museum by the Utset Boixaderas family, as it was kept by Maurici Utset, who had been a councilor in the City Council.


Material: Metal Dimensions: 6 cm diameter x 0.9 cm Ref.: MB inv. 17051

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