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Blown wine glass


Blown wine glass

Early 20th century

Colour wineglass with the shirt technique that involves coating the piece of glass with a layer of the chosen color, in this case ruby. Later, they cut and engrave the decoration, so that the incisions are deep enough to expose the transparent underside. The piece is decorated with the horn of plenty, a snake entwining itself into a cup, symbol of health; a stringed instrument on a score book that invokes happiness and initials F.M., which probably correspond to the first owner, surrounded by floral motifs. The cup was made in the Cristall, the popular name of the factory of blown glass installed in Badalona in 1866 that lasted until 2013.

Material: Blown glass coated externally with a "shirt" of glass, ruby colour; cuted by mill and etched Dimensions: 13,5 x 8,5 cm Ref.: MB inv. 270

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