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Primera meitat segle XVI

de Desconegut

Gothic tile with a shield, decorated in blue and made with drills. Represents the family shield of Santcliment, who had home in Badalona (known as Old Tower). It is divided into two halves: in the first, there is a bell, and in the second four wavy strips. Every angle, and out of the shield itself, there are floral motifs. The Santcliment were a remarkable catalan family, documented from the thirteenth century in Lleida and Barcelona. The branch in Barcelona had an important heritage around the city, including the house of Badalona. At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the family Santcliment (shield with blue bell on gold) married a daughter with a descendant of Gualbes (shield with three bands wavy), and this marriage created a new shield, which integrated bell and waves.

Material: Glazed ceramic and decorated with stencilled Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 1,7 cm Ref.: MB inv. 315

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