More than fifty years ago, the days of the Festa Major – the 15th, 16th and 17th of August – were exceptional days, full of activities that transformed the monotony of summer. For some, young and old, the most special attraction were the envelats; for others, the garnishing of the street and the stays and the chats with the neighbors; there were also people of all ages who waited for it to get dark to go to La Rambla to see the fireworks and still other people, especially young ones, did not want to move from the funfair that was on those days in the beach. Going to the cavallitos, as many said, meant an extraordinary event that only happened on those days of the year!

This gallery collects photographs of these attractions, which, as you can see, have changed little despite the passage of decades.

And, if these photographs are not enough, you can go to the Museum where, between July 14th and September 25th, you will find the exhibition Summers in Badalona that includes a whole section on the Festa Major.

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Fira d’atraccions durant la Festa Major