The beginnings of the Bufalà district of Badalona can be traced back to the 1920s, when, in the face of increasing population and demand for housing, three landowners with land in this area of the city promoted three urbanisations (Bachs, Bufalà and Pujol), to which, years later, was added another urbanisation promoted by the Soler Biosca.

The area was named Bufalà in association with the farmhouse called Can Bufalà (or Can Seriol), located in the current Bailèn street. The farmhouse was replaced by a public housing development in the late 1950s – the red flats – and later the Obra Sindical del Hogar promoted there the El Bruch housing estate.

The canalization of the Avenue of Martí Pujol (the Canyet stream), the construction of the bridge over the Torrent de la Font (which connects Morera and Bufalà), the entry into operation of the B-20 highway, the development of the PERI of Montigalà and the Can Pontons Special Plan have been the elements of urban planning and public works that, since the last years of the twentieth century, have ordered the growth of this neighborhood of about fifteen thousand inhabitants.

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El barri de Bufalà