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Weighing scales of 8 Kg


Weighing scales of 8 Kg


Weighing scales of a store, that has a triangular body where the needle indicates the weight, visible through both front and rear. At the bottom, there is a handle to move the passage of kilos. It made the house Mobba founded in Badalona in 1939, engaged in manufacturing of balances and weighing scales, but also produced some appliances and radios. From 1950 Mobba expanded the production and consolidated the line of high quality of weighing scales. During the seventies became the first manufacturer of weighing instruments in Spain, and one of the most populars in the global industry. Transformed into cooperative, closed in 2003.

Material: Steel, other metals and glass Dimensions: 60 x 50 x 27 cm Ref.: MB inv. 7687

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