A space of about 3,400 m that allows you to discover the Roman city of Baetulo in situ. The visit begins at the city’s thermal baths, from the first quarter of the 1st century BC, which preserve all the rooms that made up the complex: the gymnasium, the frigidarium, the tepidarium and the caldarium.

The tour continues under the current Plaça de Font i Cussó, an area that was around the forum of the Roman city. Remains of apartment buildings with shops on the ground floor can be seen following the direction of a smaller street, the sewer of which has been preserved. Then, the trace of the broad decumanus maximus passes by a large commercial building until it reaches the intersection with the thistle maximus, a point that indicates the proximity of the forum. Remains of other late Roman buildings can also be seen, such as a room, a mausoleum or a water tank.

The itinerary includes a visit to the permanent exhibition Baetulo Roman City which shows a large sample of the pieces and materials recovered over nearly 90 years of archaeological research. Among the pieces on display are the sculpture of the Venus of Badalona, the herma of the god Bacchus, the gladiator-shaped oil lamp, the hinges on the door of the city wall or the tabula hospitalis.

As well as the main building, the Museum has different sub-sites. Located close by, you can visit the Roman spaces of the Dolphin House and the Ivy House.

Photographs from the permanent exhibition