Exhibition time: from January 13th to February 27th 2022
Place: Museu de Badalona

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm and to 5 pm to 8 pm. Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm.

In 1491, following the death of seven monks from the monastery of Sant Jeroni de la Murtra due to a plague epidemic, the community erected a chapel dedicated to Saint Sebastian, a protector against the plague in particular and the epidemics in general.

An altarpiece also dedicated to this saint was commissioned for the same dates. We don’t know what the side panels looked like – they probably burned in the fire that hit the monastery in 1835 – but thanks to old photographies, we do know what the central street and the predella were like. or bottom of the altarpiece.

The predella has been part of the Museum’s collections since the late 1950s, but the central panel had been lost until 2019, when the Fira d’Art Antic i Modern de Barcelona was located, where he had put it up for sale. One important fact must be taken into account: a piece that was disappeared came to light and there was the chance to buy it.

The best option, without a doubt, was for it to be acquired by the Museum of Badalona, as it has been done. On the one hand, because it already had the predella, and so you could see together again two pieces that were part of the same work and that were separated more than sixty years ago. And on the other hand, because the Museum is a public institution that, due to its own function, will take care of the conservation and dissemination of the piece, and will not sell or destroy it.

One last note: it is a curious fact that the altarpiece of Saint Sebastian, which has its origins in an epidemic, arrives at the Museum just as we are suffering from the Covid’19 pandemic. An anecdote worth remembering.