Panel of the ceramist Cuní recovered

In recent days, a building located on Carrer dels Arbres with a mural by Cuní (Eduard Alonso Cuní), a potter born in Mollet del Vallès in 1927, has been demolished.

The good disposition of the architect and the person in charge of the demolition has allowed the Museum to recover some pieces of the stoneware panels that made up the façade, as well as fragments of the part with more volume of the whole.

The donation to the Museum by Jordi Ballesteros of the piece with the signature of the author that had already been collected by him, will complete the set collected.

These pieces will be incorporated into the Museum’s collection, and will be documented, cataloged and kept in the safety and conservation conditions that guarantee their preservation.

At the same time as this panel, a fragment of the balcony railing of the house on the corner of Carrer dels Arbres / Avinguda Martí Pujol, a modernist house by the architect of Badalona, Joan Amigó, has also been preserved.


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