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Violets for Muriel


Violets for Muriel


This painting, a joint work of the Santilari brothers, is a preparatory drawing that the artists gave to the Museum of Badalona on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition that they held there in 2010, when Badalona was Capital of Catalan Culture.

This is a very unique piece, as Josep and Pere Santilari are not used to to do joint works, although they share a careful technique, a realistic and meticulous style, and a deep knowledge of the history of art that is often reflects subtly on their paintings.

Muriel, one of Josep’s usual models, appears here with a slightly absent, melancholy expression and closed in on herself. It is the perfect illustration of one of the comments that Antoni Puigvert made to these artists in the introduction of the catalogue published by the Museum in 2010: “The characters of the Santilari brothers have roots: this is why we can see their soul.”

Material: Graphite pencil on cardboard Canson Dimensions: 80 x 86 cm Ref.: MB inv. 14659

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