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40-30 BC

Ovoidal amphora, called Tarraconense 1 / Laietana 1, is one of the first local productions of this type of container used to contain and transport wine. It has a marked and slightly open edge with a small outer lip, without a seal. The neck and the handles are short, the handles have a double incised line. Marked foot. It retains part of the white slip. It is one of the few whole pieces of this form found at Baetulo.

The Tarraconense 1 / Laietana 1, although some scholars have the chronology of the appearance of this amphora in 60-50 BC, coexisted with Paschal 1, very common in Baetulo and which appears strongly in 40-30 BC.

This specimen was found whole, poured with a set of more than 15 amphoras and several ceramic table materials, in a storage silo in the villa of La Estrella, dated to the second half of the 1st century AD.

Material: Pottery Dimensions: 80 x 34 cm Ref.: MB-18815

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