In February 2007, the wife and daughter of Genís Vera Manrubia donated to the Museum his photographic collection. It contains more than 19,000 reels of negatives that, slowly and with the help of voluntary people, have been stretching, relating and storing in special sheets of conservation. Many have the relation of the content of the images (the subject and the date), but a very important part does not have any identifying element.

The will and the project is to digitalize the collection, but, although there has been a lot of work, it is a very long and laborious task, which will require a long time of dedication and it can not be finished in a short term.

As it could not be otherwise, the photographic collection of Genís Vera contains true treasures, and is the testimony of an entire age, and of some different ways to do, very different from the current ones.

This album is the report of an activity – surely linked to the fest of Sant Jordi – which we thought was carried out at the Santísima Trinitat school, located in Santiago’s street, in the neighborhood of Artigues (If it was not this school, we would appreciate that you let us know where it really was, as well as the date, since we do not know it).

El fons Vera, un pou de tresors