Enric Giralt Paulí (Badalona 1945-2012), journalist of the Transition is the title of the exhibition that the Museum dedicates to the photographic work carried out by this journalist from Badalona, in the late 1970s and early years of the decade of the eighty

The exhibition uses the photographic material of this journalist, a collection that has been incorporated into the Archive of the Images of the Museum last year and, in fact, is the only preserved documenting that short but intense period of political transformation and restlessness of a city that wanted to take control of its future.

This album is just a sampling of the total images that can be seen in the exhibition – more than 350 – and, even more, are not always the most meaningful ones. Although you have the chance with this gallery to look at this amazing pictures on your screen, don’t miss the exhibition at the Museum that will be on until February!

The photographs of this collection, like all those that have been published in this series of galleries (and this is already the fifty gallery!), can be consulted in the Archive of Images of the Museum of Badalona.

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