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Mosaic with Bacchic decoration


Mosaic with Bacchic decoration

Mosaic with Bacchic decoration

2nd-3rd century AD

The decoration made with black and white tiles, is formed by a contour of four kraters. In their angles there are vine branches with leaves and grapes. In the center, although very vanished, one can perceive the drawing of a panther and the head of a goat. All these elements allude to the world of Bacchus and constitute a clear example of the presence of this god in the domestic decoration of the city of Baetulo.

In this mosaic you can see the panther, which represents the triumph of Bacchus, and the goat, alluding to his childhood. The kraters and vine branches are reminiscent of the crop and fruit that the god Bacchus protects.

This type of decoration is found mainly in southern Italy, in republican times, the chronology of this mosaic, however, allows it to be seen as a widespread composition also in low imperial times in the reception areas and triclinic rooms, such as the of the domus where it was found in the Hort d’en Fluvià (Carrer Pujol) in 2018. This mosaic was located in the center of the room, around which the beds were placed (klinai) , and the rest of the room was paved with opus signinum, with no other decoration.

Material: Stone Dimensions: 1,50x1,60 cm Ref.: 18050

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